How to choose a winter hat for yourself

To buy a winter hat, you need to decide on its model. What exactly do you want? What style do you adhere to?

For example, if you wear a fur coat, then a fur hat, a heap. A knitted hat will look good under the coat or takes, something from felt is suitable for a leather jacket.

Another important aspect is the shape of your face. If you have a round face, then a wide -brimmed hat will not work. Try on and see what is ideal for your face.

The choice of color scheme is even more open, especially if outerwear is in a dark gamut. Be sure to select the colors for your handbag and shoes so that everything is harmonious.

Do not say that you pay attention to the quality of sewing. A beautiful thing always looks stylish if it is made with solid materials.

Remember that the female winter headdress today is not a problem, but from the whole variety you need to find something optimal in price, quality, style.

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