Features of the wedding ceremony

Deciding to legitimize their relationship, young people go to the registry office. And they will be surprised to learn that “painting”, as the people are called the wedding ceremony, is not as simple as it might seem. To begin with, of course, it is necessary to observe the formalities with the provision of the necessary documents, pay the state fee and only then the secret moment sets in – the purpose of the wedding date and the choice of the ceremony. Moreover, registry offices can provide not only the traditional solemn and non -uniform ceremony, but also its third species – exit.

By the way, it is worth mentioning that the legislation of Russia is allowed to marry all young people who have reached the age of 18. However, if there are reasons forcing a couple to register relationships earlier (pregnancy or military draft), then, presenting the appropriate certificate from local authorities, the couple may get married earlier. Another prerequisite is the payment of state duty. You can do this in the branch of any bank of the country, and provide the receipt to employees of the registry office.

After that, you need to fill out the form and you can already choose the date and type of ceremony.

The wedding ceremonies are divided into 2 main types:



Solemn ceremony

Most often, young people choose the solemn marriage ceremony. Its features are that the process of marriage between lovers is held in a festive atmosphere in the elementary hall of the registry office. The accompanying moments of the celebration is:

music (by the way, perhaps lively musical accompaniment);

The traditional speech of the registry office;

The exchange of rings, a painting in documents, the announcement of the husband and wife, the first kiss-these moments are traditional for any registry office, and in some they still offer young people to dance a waltz, treat young champagne or there may be some other additional services;

the presence of invited guests (parents, friends and close relatives of the couple).

Beautiful photos and videos remain as a souvenir, and, of course, positive emotions and touching memories. An unconventional ceremony provides for other rules for conducting.

Unbearable ceremony

This ceremony is held in an unconventional atmosphere in a small office of the registry office workers. The legal legal force of such a ceremony is absolutely identical as during a solemn painting. The main difference between an unbearable marriage is that the state registration of marriage takes place without those rites that accompany the solemn ceremony. Even the presence of rings and the exchange of them is not always required, that is, in this case, it all depends only on the newlyweds.

The registry office should ask young people about consent and, having received an affirmative answer, offer to sign in the book, issue a certificate and put prints in passports. Clothing on the newlyweds during such a ceremony can be different – at least everyday costumes, at least beautiful evening outfits. An unconvise wedding ceremony does not mean at all that the day of marriage itself will also be deprived of a celebration.

By the way, more and more newlyweds order a field ceremony. This kind of solemn marriage can take place in nature, at home or in a hotel (restaurant, yacht). It provides for the same solemnity and legality as the painting in the walls of the registry office. The registry office employee at the agreed time comes with all the necessary documents and registers marriage in a place chosen by young.

Features related to marriage registration

It does not matter what kind of ceremony the newlyweds chose, it is much more important to make this day be remembered by everyone in extremely bright and joyful colors. Therefore, it is worth listening to the following recommendations and tips:

Punctuality. It is better to arrive earlier at least 20 minutes earlier, because if you are late, you will have to wait until the registration of all the other couples, which are in line of their turn, passes;

The availability of documents. It is important not to forget about the passport, without them there will be no registration;

A small number of invited. Only the closest people of young people can be present in the registry office, about 15-20 people.

It is important to note that despite the features of the ceremony and additional services that registry offices in Rostov-on-Don may represent, this day for a young couple must be the beginning of a joyful joint family life.

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