Glambook united the best beauty masters

Glambook is a unique community that unites masters of the beauty industry in more than three dozen countries. The goal of the community is to empower talented professionals, to give them tools for business development.

By offering their services at Glambook, professionals gain access to an extensive customer base. Website it will be useful to visit barbers, hairdressers, makeup artists, nail design masters, massage therapists, cosmetologists, etc.


The global platform in the field of the beauty industry Glambook has many advantages both from the point of view of clients and from the point of view of masters offering their services. The most important advantages of this platform include the following factors:

  1. The masters get the opportunity to set their own rules for canceling the session or rescheduling the scheduled time. Thus, the problem of non-punctual and unscrupulous clients, familiar to all beauty specialists, is solved. With Glambook, the masters will not lose money through the fault of the client. In case of late arrival of the client or sudden cancellation of the visit, the master will receive monetary compensation.
  2. The possibilities of using Glambook services are extremely extensive. Users can choose different payment options for the service: commission from each client or a fixed subscription fee, completely independent of the number of clients. The Glambook app can be used completely free of charge to establish convenient interaction with your customers.
  3. With Glambook services, finding new customers has become easier than ever before. The masters who have registered on the platform will no longer look for opportunities to attract a client flow. By filling out the profile of a specialist, attaching photos of finished works and specifying prices for services, the master is guaranteed to attract the attention of users.
  4. Using the Glambook application, masters get unlimited opportunities to create a convenient schedule, manage finances. Scheduled appointments are always notified, which eliminates the possibility of forgetting about the upcoming session.
  5. Glambook marketing tools allow you to significantly increase sales, contribute to an increase in income.
  6. The program provides for the possibility of accepting payments in any way convenient for the client.

Tens of thousands of independent beauty artists have already registered on the Glambook platform and appreciated its advantages.

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