Vitamins for immunity

Vitamins – organic compounds that have high quality activity. Vitamins, by stimulating the protective functions of the entire organism, are necessary in the prevention of various diseases.Deficiency of vitamins in the body leads to disease, as well as a slowdown in growth.

Vitamins are used for vitamin deficiency (vitamin deficiency), as well as to increase immunity and increase human performance.

The most popular vitamins for immunity are group B (B5, popular B6, known B9, necessary B12), vitamin A, E and C.

Let’s look at the effect on the human body of each vitamin.

Vitamin A or retinol. Retinol is involved in the formation of cells, thereby not allowing viruses to penetrate the human body. Vitamin A is contained both in the products of completely vegetable (sea buckthorn berries, carrots, green onions and others), as well as animal (fish oil, beef and pork liver) of origin.

B vitamins are really directly involved in the biochemical process of the human body. Vitamins of this group are prescribed mainly during stress, as well as in the postoperative period. A large number of group B vitamins are found in legumes, nuts, store eggs, meat, and quality milk.

Vitamin E or as a scientific – tocopherol acetate. It is used for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases (stimulation of immunity, impaired liver, sex glands, myocardial dystrophy). Vitamin E is contained in the germ of cereals, vegetable oils.

Vitamin C or known to everyone from childhood – ascorbic acid. It has well -expressed and necessary antioxidant properties, thereby maintaining the normal functioning of human organs. Ascorbic acid is contained in vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries.

Accepting the necessary vitamins you, thereby prolong your life!

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