Washing vacuum cleaner

Washing vacuum cleaner is a really universal device. With it, you can perform both dry and wet cleaning of almost any room. How does it work and why it is called “detergent”?

Water is poured into the vacuum cleaner reservoir and, if necessary, the detergent is added. According to special tubes under pressure, the resulting solution enters the nozzle and spray on the surface, thoroughly washing off the dirt. Through another tube in the nozzle, dirty water is sucked inside the device.

To conduct general cleaning, the detergent vacuum cleaner is optimal, especially when you consider that it performs an important function for the microclimate of the apartment – moisturizes the air. This miracle approval is able to wash both hard and soft surfaces qualitatively: linoleum, ceramic tiles, laminate, carpet coatings and more. Some models are supplemented by nozzles for washing mirrors and window glasses, which is very convenient for the hostess of the house.

However, not all surfaces are allowed to be cleaned with a washing vacuum cleaner. So, it is impractical carpet carpet coatings with high pile in this way, since it will be difficult to dry them. Parquet also does not tolerate moisture, although Thomas states that using the Black Ocean model you can wash wooden surfaces. In addition, it should be noted that to perform wet cleaning, it will be necessary to pour clean water every time, then drain the dirty, rinse and dry all the working details of the device that are contacting with water.

When going to buy a washing vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to the volume of the water tank. A small landmark – for cleaning one or two rooms, 2-4 liters of clean water will be enough. It is convenient if there are many different nozzles, this provides great opportunities for cleaning different surfaces (as in this store /Pilesosi_mojuwij.HTML, for example). The filters working in dry cleaning mode are also important: the effectiveness of the work performed depends on their quality. For example, the Black Ocean vacuum cleaner from Thomas conducts dry cleaning using a waterfilter that delays 99.99% of dust. In this case, the entire volume of the room is cleaned.

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