The lives of middle-income Americans

There is no such thing here that people of absolutely different incomes live in the same area, as it happens with us – both a big boss and a worker from the factory can live in the same entrance.

All families in the area have the same monthly income, plus or minus.

If you buy houses with a mortgage, you get about $ 1500-1800 per month. House prices in the area are approximately the same. Differences in prices are nuances in the condition of the house, the number of floors and in size.

Most of the houses are made of wood. In principle, they are not bad, they stand and serve for a long time. But there is one big nuance – you need to be very careful not to get wet, because then the tree will start to rot, and repairs will cost a tidy sum.

Pay attention to how close their houses are. Fences are sometimes found, but only in the backyard, and then purely symbolic. Also not like ours, everyone is trying to make the fence more massive, simpler, higher and more expensive.

Mailboxes are also interestingly made – all stand next to the road. It is very convenient, the mail car arrives, they have abandoned the mail – and they go on. Parcels worth up to $ 700 (as far as I remember) are left just under the doors of the house.

To live like this, you need to earn at least $5,000. It’s a little difficult for one person working at an ordinary average job, but if two people work, 5-6 thousand dollars per month is a very real amount.

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