What is a bitcoin mixer and how to use it

Users who regularly conduct transactions with bitcoins know that this cryptocurrency does not provide anonymity at all.

Any transactions involving her are tracked, so there is no need to talk about complete confidentiality. Bitcoin owners, who are not satisfied with this situation, use third-party services to mix bitcoins. By mixing bitcoins of different users, it is possible to break the links between coins and wallets. Thus, attackers will not be able to track transactions with bitcoins. To choose the most reliable bitcoin mixer, you should check out the list of best bitcoin tumblers.


There are many reasons to use bitcoin mixing tools:

  1. First of all, bitcoin mixers allow you to protect yourself from intruders. As the popularity of bitcoins grew, so did the activity of attackers. Hackers use blockchain analysis, and also inject malware into the victim’s computer to track transactions with cryptocurrencies, so protection from surveillance becomes fundamentally important. The use of bitcoin mixers is necessary for users who hope to avoid having to pay taxes for their activities with bitcoins. Investors are often unwilling to put up with the need to pay tax on this activity and are looking for an opportunity to hide all traces.
  2. When using cryptomixers, bitcoins are more anonymous than special privacy coins like Monero. The anonymity of these cryptocurrencies is far from officially announced.
  3. Using bitcoin mixers provides the level of transactional privacy that many people need to keep their spending private. Many users do not want outsiders to receive information about their spending, because in this case the reputation will be at risk. The reasons for this may be different. Someone plays in an online casino, and someone regularly visits 18+ sites. In any case, everyone has the right to privacy. Therefore, many users want to exclude the possibility of tracking their payments, although they do not do anything illegal. Bitcoin mixers help ensure privacy.
  4. After carefully reading the TOP cryptomixers, you can choose the most interesting offers.

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