Spices that will help strengthen memory.

Since ancient times, spices have been used by man and not only for one of the components of dishes, but also for the treatment of many diseases. Of course, now we mainly use seasonings only to add to food, but if you make a translation of medical texts, you can understand how many spices are rich in active vitamins and can be healthy for health.

We can say that absolutely all spices have unique properties that allow you to maintain vivacity, youth, premature aging and memory. In addition, using various spices with food, you get an endless stream of useful trace elements and vitamins so necessary for the human body.

If we talk separately about the improvement of memory, then it is necessary to use the so -called Kalindzhi seeds (which still have the name – chernushka sowing). This is an annual plant that has a herbaceous structure and breed with small seeds, which usually have black color. To improve memory, it is best to eat a daily norm that varies from 3-5g, but you need to eat not just seeds, but mix them with a small amount of honey.  This medicine is recommended, there is once a day, throughout the month.

In addition, you can use Cukumin seeds (this is such a spicy one -year -old plant), it is also mixed with honey and drink the same course as Kalindi. If the memory has deteriorated sharply, then you can recommend the use of ordinary black pepper, just as with the addition of honey.

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