What are the best foods for dinner?

In the evening, the human body must rest, all processes in it slow down, including metabolism. But it is in the evening of the day that hormones are produced in the body, for example, nails and hair grow. Based on this, it is necessary to have dinner and it is necessary to choose the right products for this meal.

Products for the evening meal should contain a minimum of fat and carbohydrates so as not to be stored at night in reserve. They should also easily and quickly digest. Consider the most useful of them, which will nourish you and keep a slim figure.

poultry meat

Chicken and turkey meat is light and quickly digested, contains a large amount of the amino acid – tryptophan. It contributes to the normalization of human sleep.


Perfect food for the evening – mussels, octopus and scallops. They are high in protein and low in cholesterol. Shrimps and squids are not recommended to be consumed in the evening, they just have a lot of cholesterol.

white fish

For dinner, varieties of low-fat fish are ideal (pollock, cod, pike perch, pike, flounder). They are high in iodine and minerals.


For dinner, it is recommended to eat soft-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs. Eggs are rich in amino acids needed by the body.

Cottage cheese and dairy products

Cottage cheese contains a large amount of calcium, which strengthens bones. And sour -milk products contain a large amount of bifidobacteria, which improve digestion and have a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa.


The perfect side dish for dinner – leafy vegetables. Lettuce leaves are suitable for both fish and poultry meat. Moreover, vegetables contain a large amount of minerals and vitamins for the growth of hair, nails and skin cells.

Any interpretation of the listed foods prepared in healthy ways (steamed, grilled, etc.).) will not affect your figure, but at the same time they will pleasantly saturate and easily digest.

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