Alfalfa in folk medicine

Not so long ago, in official medicine, treatment with a medicinal plant of the bean alfalfa family was adopted. On the one hand, it is generally accepted by everyone that if you treat the disease with some kind of vegetation, then this is certainly-traditional medicine. Indeed, this was considered so far, until experts prolongedly studied the properties of a drug of plant origin. The fact is that this is the most harmless plant for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Since it contains a lot of essential oil and alkaloids, they, in turn, show a tonic effect on the vessels. It is believed that the necessary component of treatment of diabetes mellitus.A decoction of alfalfa flowers in combination with chamomile and linden will help hypertension to hypertension. It will help because it will provide an excellent diuretic and anti -inflammatory, soothing effect.

The immune system will be grateful and will respond to you with a surge of strength and polyvitamination of the body. This drug is enriched with useful elements aimed at strengthening all body systems and specifically at treatment and eliminating problems.The decoction is prepared in the most primitive way, the raw materials for the drink during flowering should be prepared when the essential oil will be produced with the greatest activity.

Dry in the oven or on the direct sun, constantly turn over, otherwise moisture will remain, and raw materials will deteriorate very quickly. Only after you check whether the plant has dried or not, you can pack it on paper bags. To prepare a decoction, take a tablespoon of chopped alfalfa and pour 300 ml of boiling water, insist at least one hour, at the same time cool, strain, add a spoonful of honey (any natural). Take.

This will save you from the development of atherosclerosis, hypertension, gynecological diseases and even cancer. The drug is considered carcinogenic, people who work in dangerous places should take this note and take the infusion at least two to three times a week. This will help protect you from the development of both benign and malignant tumors. Combining alfalfa juice with grated carrots, enrich the body with useful substances and take preventive measures. Remember, this treatment is useful, but you need to use it carefully and in moderation. Take care of yourself, take care of your health.

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