Review of the film “Revenge”

Review of the film “Revenge”

In 2011, the film “Revenue” was released, the producer of which is Roman Polanski. Novel by nationality French, excellent playwright and satirist, a person who understands in many ways, perfectly selects actors for his films, while knowing which actor is suitable for the film.

The first impression of the film is the name itself, but at the same time the film “Masions” is completely not about murder.

The Mass Medistence will tell us about the confrontation of two families. Two boys from different families fought on the playground. And the parents, whose boy was beaten, invited another family to dinner to find out the relationship and understand this problem. During dinner, two families begin to conduct a discussion, at the expense of how to raise children correctly, and during this conversation the dispute began.

And it is at this moment that both families begin to show their real persons. A dispute begins about who brings his child better, but at the same time they do not notice their own problems.

The film takes place in Brooklyn, but it was shot in Paris. The film “Revenge” is interesting in its own, even teaching.

The actors played excellently, it is worth noting actress Jodie Foster, who at the age of 50 shows her acting skills. “Revenge” refers to the genre of films tragicomedy.

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