Ready-made templates for plotter cutting of protective film on cars

To glue the film on the car, you need a special film. Its cutting is performed on a plotter, but in order for it to be ideally suited for a car, a special template is needed.

About templates and plotter cutting

AutoPatterns company offers ready-made ppf pattern download. Each template is released in a universal file that fits any plotter model. The company’s database stores thousands of ready-made templates for the body and interior of any car brand. Here is an excellent value for money.

The pattern on the polyurethane film reliably protects the surface of the car and is completely invisible, but it is too expensive. Electronic templates provide higher cutting accuracy, saves material and minimizes its consumption.

The most vulnerable part of the car is the bumper and they are trying to protect it first of all. A complete pasting of the car will be quite expensive, but it will not be afraid of branches, bumps, unsuccessful parking or accidental scratches. The film will save on sudden repairs of scratches and cracks. Many detaling centers have their own plotters installed, so you can buy a set of templates and get fast and high-quality car gluing.

Plotter Cutting Rules

Cutting is performed on professional plotters that are connected to a PC and configured using special programs. Plotter cutting is used in many fields, but the most popular are advertising products. For cars, you can make different pictures, patterns and drawings on film. according to the template, you can perform an unusual body painting, update the interior design, and also perform an accurate cutting of the gravel film to protect the body.

Initially, the plotter was designed for engineers and printing drawings. It is still actively used for printing large formats, but modern technologies have allowed to expand the scope of its application. There are many models of plotters that differ in the speed of printing and cutting, sizes, paints used, etc. Each sphere has its own subtleties and equipment requirements. Good plotters are able to cut any material: from film and paper, to glass and foam board.

Templates for cutting can be created by yourself in vector graphics programs, but you can save time and get professional and accurate ready-made sets of templates for cars of all brands from AutoPatterns.

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