Egg mask for face

Egg – a universal product that has many useful properties and widely used both in cooking and in cosmetology. On the basis of eggs, simple face masks are created in preparation and they are no less effective than those made in the cabin.

Egg mask for a face as a cosmetic product is a concept that includes several varieties of masks:

yolk -based masks;

protein -based masks;

whole egg masks.

Such a number of varieties of masks is due to different chemical composition included in the egg and having a different effect on the skin. Each variety of masks has its own indications for use and a number of other features that should be noted if you want to achieve a better result in a short time.

Yolk -based masks

The yolk of the egg has many vitamins, micro- and macroelements, other nutrients. One of the main roles is played by the presence of vitamin A, its presence provides moisturizing the skin. Lecithin makes the skin elastic, tones and softens it.

Yolk -based mask is an indispensable means for caring for dry, peeling skin. This mask regulates the fat and water balance better than others, slows down the aging process. Apply a mask twice a week for 20 minutes. Mask marks on the face a lot of recipes. The easiest is to apply a whipped yolk on the face, withstand for about twenty minutes and wash off with water. There are other recipes that are applied according to the same principle.

– Whipped yolk is mixed with a teaspoon of melted honey – this gives additional smoothing and softening of the skin.

– In 8 parts of water, a teaspoon of gelatin dissolves, the yolk and a tablespoon of olive oil are added. This mask after use is removed carefully from the face of a cotton wool moistened in warm water. The main effect is the fight against wrinkles and the return of the skin of youth.

– 1 whipped yolk is connected to a tablespoon of sweet fruits or berries – the mask nourishes, moisturizes and vitaminizes the skin.

Protein -based masks

The protein includes proteins, vitamins of groups B and H, amino acids and Lizocyme enzyme. In general, this complex gives a positive lifting effect, dries and pulls the skin, removes acne rash. Protein is a natural peeling, it cleanses and narrows the pores, leaving an even shine in return. Squirrel -based mask is suitable for people with oily and problem skin. It is enough to use the mask once a week for 15 minutes. Do not apply it in the area around the eyes – the skin is harmful to a sharp tightening.

– The egg protein is beaten and uniform parts are applied to the face in three stages every 5 minutes. After the last five -minute, it is washed off with cool water;

– whipped protein is mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice and applied to the face. This composition both dry and clarify the skin;

– whipped protein is connected to 2 teaspoons of cosmetic clay, rubbed until smooth and applied to the skin. It turns out a quick anti -inflammatory effect;

– A spoonful of almond oil is poured into a beaten protein and a tablespoon of flour and tea honey is added. Everything is mixed well and applied to the face. This mask will give all the necessary nutrients without increasing the oily skin.

Solid eggs

In fact, this is a combined mask, which includes the positive aspects of the above masks. It is great for normal skin care. Use enough. It is enough to lubricate your face with a whipped raw egg, withstand for 15 minutes and wash with water.

– The raw egg is connected to two tablespoons of crushed raw potato and is thoroughly mixed. The resulting mask nourishes and moisturizes the skin well;

– A raw egg is mixed with two tablespoons of crushed carrots. The mask perfectly improves complexion and provides an even matte shade. For bleaching, carrots are replaced with sorrel or greens of parsley. 

There are a lot of masks based on eggs based on eggs. Choose anyone, regularly use and maintain youth and attractiveness with the help of nature forces.

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