How to equip your office

At work, we spend most of our lives, so it should bring us pleasure. A lot depends on how your workplace is equipped and whether you have it at all.

If you need to make an office for work at home, ideally, allocate a separate room for this. But if this is not possible, you can equip a place in the living room, bedroom, and a pantry or insulated loggia is also suitable. The place for work should be at the same time compact and giving scope for your work actions. It should also fit into the interior of the entire room.

If the room is small, you can install the desktop somewhere behind the cabinet or in the corner that has the opportunity to move as unnecessary. It is better if the countertop has a curved shape to give you the possibility of freedom of action. Take care of a comfortable chair or, if there is space, a chair with a comfortable back.

Think about where you will put your papers: hang shelves or put a separate cabinet for them. Allocate space for the necessary equipment – a computer, printer or scanner.

Lighting should be not only in the form of a lamp, but also diffused light from a ceiling chandelier. The light should not be too bright – it distracts from work.

Windows in front and behind you (better if they are on the side or covered with curtains), the wall in front of you and the door behind you can also interfere with your working thoughts and actions. If you follow feng shui – such mistakes should be avoided.

The color scheme is very important for generating working ideas-pale light tones will not oppress you, green will help your eyes relax from working at the computer, and it is better to avoid red and blue colors completely-one excites the nervous system, the second-oppresses.

To make your workplace cozy – put photo frames or small souvenirs on the table. It should not be soft toys in any case.

When hiring you, the employer usually provides a workplace equipped with everything you need, but you can also equip it by bringing a frame with a photo from the house, small potted plants or other souvenirs.

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