Acquaintance of children with painting

From childhood, parents taught us to the beautiful. Today we, being older brothers, sisters, comrades, parents, teach our relatives and friends to art. Painting … In fact, painting is not only fine art. When the artist makes another smear, he conveys his feelings, emotions, experiences to the whole world.

Culturalists and art historians say that today there are two types of painting. The first is an easel painting. This is such a type of fine art, when the picture exists regardless of the place where it was written, most often the authors of such works use oil paints, and the picture itself is drawn on the easel (machine), which can be bought ahead of time on the site . The second type is monumental painting. Such paintings are performed on the walls of buildings and other different structures. In ancient times, temporal paints were used to perform monumental painting, and the work itself was performed according to raw plaster. Fresco – the first example of monumental painting.

The main goals and functions of painting are aesthetic, cognitive, religious, philosophical, ideological and educational. But still, the main thing that carries painting is the color that determines for us the idea that the author initially wanted to show us. In painting, there is such a thing as “literature”. It means that some works do not have artistic plasticity, expressiveness, so such paintings perform only a narrative, that is, a literary function.

Today, there is innumerable number of painting techniques. In the modern world, absolutely everything that can leave a trace is considered a work of art. Traditional image techniques are considered temporary (with an egg), an enncaustic, wall -mounted … In the 15th century, oil paints are gaining popularity. And the 20th century brought artificial materials in painting, such as vinyl and acrylic .

Typically, painting does not require any special surfaces for which you need to apply the image. Therefore, artists use anything to create their own masterpieces: stone, plaster, canvas, silk, paper, skin, metal, asphalt, concrete, glass ..

Painting can not help but love. If you do not like the masterpieces that eminent artists left behind – not scary. So you may like the graphite, 3-DE drawings on the asphalt, etc. ..

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