How to get rid of corns

Foot skin needs special care. This is due to the formation of corns – rough skin on the feet. It should be noted right away that if they are not dealt with, they do not go away and become painful over time.

As a rule, corns are the result of wearing shoes with an uncomfortable last for you. Please note that it is better to treat the cosmetologist for a long time for a long time or even consult a doctor for consultation, but in general, given that the corns does not affect some deep layers of the skin and do not let the “roots” or “rods”, it is quite with them you can cope at home on your own.

So, we suggest you do the following to bring your legs in order:

In the pharmacy you need to buy orthopedic pads for shoes. This will make it easier for you to walk.

It is also worth buying a keratolytic cream, which contains salicylic acid and herbal extracts, softening and exfoliating coarsened areas. Keep in mind that the cream should be applied at night, only on the corns themselves and at the same time sealed with a plaster.

Folk remedies

With onion. Arrange once a week steaming, after which apply onion slices to the keratinized areas, wrap your legs with plastic wrap and put on warm socks. Wash your feet in the morning, remove softened skin and powder with talcum powder.

The use of propolis. Crush fresh propolis in a mortar, and then apply the resulting propolis on corns for a couple of hours after steaming. Do this every day for a week.

Removing corns

To remove rough skin, do a bath based on soap and soda no more than once a week (for 2 liters of water – 1 tbsp.l. soda, 1 tbsp.l. soap crumbs and 1 tbsp.l. ammonia). The bath is taken for 30 minutes.

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