Creative Christmas trees for the New Year: 2 options

In the traditional sense, the Christmas tree is a living plant that we install at home in a prominent place and decorate with lights and jewelry to create a New Year’s mood. But what if you approach this process more creatively? 2 ideas in this article are presented to your attention. Perhaps you will like any of the options.

By the way, if you are looking for ideas for decor, then read about how to decorate the house with snowflakes, and here – about how to decorate the house with fir branches.

one. Suspended Christmas tree

To create such a beautiful soaring Christmas tree, you need about 90 – 100 balls in one color scheme, but with different textures. In our case, about 30 green balls with a matte texture are used, 30 shiny green and 30 with a rough surface.

Prepare a piece of polystyrene foam. The diameter can be any – depends on your preferences. The foam circle can be attached directly to the ceiling.

Balls are hung on threads of various lengths using scrapers or adhesive tape. The foam will withstand in any case, since the balls themselves are lungs.

Threads for balls will differ in length depending on the layer for the future Christmas tree. Try to alternate balls with different texture so that they create the desired effect.

Remember that the structure needs to be placed at such a height that neither children nor animals can reach it.

2. Christmas trees from paper

This charming composition is quite simple to create. Prepare a piece of foam for the base, carved napkins and wooden skewers, which are usually used under vegetable barbecue.

The foam base can be of any size and any shape. Each Christmas tree is prepared separately, and only then the composition is set on the basis of.

Napkins with carved edges can be purchased at the store. Choose a certain round shape. So that they take a conical shape, you need to cut a small triangle on a napkin from the center to the edge and glue the edges, and then fix it on a skewer in 3 layers.

Use skewers of different lengths so that the Christmas trees are placed at different heights.

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