Which cars are in demand in Alabama

2012 was a great year in Alabama for car manufacturing, but it wasn’t the only bright spot. Car sales in Alabama were also high in 2012.

Nothing much has changed in terms of the most popular types of vehicles — people generally wanted either work trucks or reliable family cars. And it was no surprise to anyone that the Toyota Camry continued to be the most popular car not only in Alabama, but throughout the country. So, which cars performed the best in Alabama?

Here are the five best-selling cars in Alabama:

  1. Honda Accord: This popular family sedan collected 3.02% of sales in the new car market in Alabama in 2012. With its smooth lines, low price and good fuel economy, the Accord has been a favorite of Alabama drivers, and now the used car market.
  2. Chevrolet Silverado: This workhorse of a full-size pickup has not changed much over the years, and 2012 was no exception. Nevertheless, buyers looking for a good, reliable working truck apparently believed that there was still something to appreciate in the ever-popular Silverado. It accounted for 3.17% of new car sales in the Alabama market.
  3. Nissan Altima: Obviously, Alabama buyers wanted affordable family sedans. The Altima was an attractive offer with a low price, good fuel efficiency and a large trunk. Altima accounted for 3.51% of new car purchases in Alabama in 2012.
  4. Ford F-150: The F-150 almost always leads in sales among full-size pickups, and 2012 was no different from the others. you can expect to see it in a luxury sedan. In Alabama, the Ford F-150 accounted for 150% of new car sales in 3.59.
  5. Toyota Camry: It is doubtful that in the near future we will see a car that will be able to knock the Toyota Camry out of the lists of the best-selling cars. With its elegant appearance, great fuel economy and a host of features, the Camry dominated 2012, capturing an incredible 5.78% of new car sales in Alabama.

These are the cars you’ll want to find when it comes time to buy a great used car. With such sales figures, you can expect to have plenty to choose from, as buyers of new cars hope to sell them with the arrival of the new model year.

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