Alabama Traffic Regulations

While many traffic rules are based on common sense or based on drivers’ knowledge of how to read signs, there are other rules that may differ from state to state.

Below are some traffic rules in Alabama that may differ from those you are used to in other states.

Using a seat belt

  1. All passengers in the front seats must wear seat belts.
  2. Children under 15 years of age must use seat belts on the front and rear seats.
  3. Infants and young children should be in appropriate child safety seats.
  4. Additional seats are required until the age of five.

Using a cell phone

Drivers can make calls, but cannot read, write, or send text messages or emails.


It is forbidden to be in the same lane with a motorcyclist on his vehicle.

Alcohol use

Drivers cannot have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 08 or higher.

Drivers under the age of 21 cannot drive a car with a BAC 02 or higher.

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