Where to go to the honeymoon

Mendelsson’s march has already died out, and the young people have a choice – where to go on a honeymoon?

The honeymoon itself needs to be planned in advance.

Today, travel agencies offer various wedding tours – romantic or for lovers of exotic, extreme sensations. For example, you can go to Anapa, where you will always meet the club Rivier Anapa Hotel or go abroad. Always solve only you.)

Exotic Thailand

For lovers of romance and exotic, Thailand will be the most suitable. It is here that you can spend your honeymoon perfectly. Ostrovnaya Thailand is located from the capital of Bangkok about one and a half thousand kilometers. Clean ocean beaches with blue water will delight young people throughout the honeymoon.

Thailand hotels have the highest degree of accreditation and with the highest service and level of service. You can stop young in a small hut – Bungalo, on the very shore of the sea, surrounded by snow -white beaches and palm trees. Entertainment will be offered for every taste and out of mind.

The road connects all the beaches of the island Thailand, and if necessary, you can easily get to the administrative center. In each hotel or hut has a spa center, if there is a desire, you can take a massage session or other procedures.

Romantic vein

The honeymoon in Vienna will be unforgettable and beautiful. A fairy -tale Vienna, which has a centuries -old history and its traditions, is perfectly preserved, and pleases millions of tourists and guests. It is this city that has the atmosphere of romance that is inherent only to it. After all, the famous composers created immortal melodies right in this city. The luxurious situation and the service that is inherent only to this city, and will allow you to relax in the fabulous atmosphere. Of course, you need to go to the opera, because for the sake of the Viennese opera, fans come from all over the world. It is from this honey round that you will have only one positive emotions.

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