The use of peppermint in traditional medicine.

Peppermint is primarily valued for its essential oil and extraordinary tannic acids content in the leaves. Mint is widely used in perfumes and cosmetics, however, in folk medicine, its demand also remains at a fairly reliable and high level.

Popularly, mint is known to many as a regulating and calming agent, which has an indispensable beneficial effect on the delicate gastrointestinal tract, shattered nervous and important cardiovascular system. In addition, mint can get rid of toothache, migraine attacks, as well as partially restore strength with physical strain. Of course, you should not treat chronic and serious diseases with this plant, for example, constant stress. In order to get rid of depression, it is best to turn to real specialists who will treat stress quickly and effectively.

Also, fresh leaves of this plant are recommended to be applied to the forehead during bouts of severe headache and excruciating pain. In folk medicine (tested), peppermint can be used both internally and externally. A decoction of mint is good for bleeding from the lungs, as well as the upper human respiratory tract. To prepare a decoction, you need 20 g. mint, pour 200 ml (a little more) of boiling water, let it brew well, then strain and take one spoonful approximately 30 minutes before the main meal. In addition, mint has a certain choleretic property, but for this purpose in traditional medicine, unique mint is used more like an effective auxiliary means.

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