How to cook julienne at home

Often we hear about such an exquisite French dish as Julien, but not every of us tried it. And actually what is needed for its preparation? How to cook julienne at home?

This is what we try to figure it out, only now its taste can be somewhat different from the original. This difference will be caused by the fact that the traditional julienne is a typical cut for the soup, and we will refuel it with cheese and sauce, but you should not worry, because it will make its taste even more pleasant and saturated. On the festive table we see Julien, in which caring housewives also put chicken and mushrooms. Despite the complexity of the sound, such a dish is prepared extremely simple.

Preparation of the necessary ingredients

Before moving directly to cooking, it is necessary to prepare the appropriate dishes. A great option would be a bowl that has a long handle, but if you do not have such dishes, then it’s okay, the dish can be served in special pots. Some housewives also use tartlets as dishes.

Next, you need to decide which meat will be present in the dish. It is recommended to use chicken, for this you need to cook it, peel it and cut into small pieces. In order to make such a cut, you can use all parts of the bird.

The next part is mushrooms. And it is very important not to overdo it with them. To do this, choose chopped mushrooms, fry them so that they give the finished dish an exquisite aroma.

A very important role in such a julen is played by refueling. Mayonnaise is also suitable for these purposes, but if you have free time, then a home -made refueling will be a great option.

Cooking process

So, we already know what will be used as the basis of Julien, but it is very important that you yourself feel all possible methods of preparing it, which are quite a lot. You can experience each of the methods yourself and compare them all, but you must remember that, for example, only one presence or absence of onions can completely change the taste of the finished dish.

Recipe No. 1. Classical

The first recipe is one of the most popular recipes in Russia. Mushrooms that are used in the preparation process are champignons that can be bought in every store. Cream is used as mayonnaise, however, in extreme cases, you can replace them with sour cream.

In order to prepare such a julienne, you will need a half -kilogram of chicken fillet, which must be boiled. Then it is necessary to cut mushrooms of champignons in an amount of 300 grams and onion. Mushrooms can be salt and pepper at your discretion. As soon as this part of the dish is prepared, you can proceed to the sauce. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of flour and pour them into a pan, frying a little. Add 300 grams of cream to flour or replace and sour cream. The mixture must be salt, and it is also important to ensure that the flour does not burn. When the sauce is ready, pour it into molds, then add a little grated cheese and other components. Molds must be sent to the oven for half an hour, and after that you can serve on the table.

Recipe No. 2 with smoked meat

This recipe involves the addition of smoked meat and olives – and all this as a result will give a completely new taste.

For cooking, it is necessary to boil the chicken (here, unlike the first recipe, any part of the chicken is used). Also, then mushrooms with onions are fried, which must be salt and pepper at your discretion.

As a refueling, it is necessary to use sour cream. With broth, you need to mix flour and smoked meat. All ingredients are slightly fried, and then placed in the oven in the mold. This dish is about 20 minutes preparing the time. After cooking, add cheese to the dish and wait until it melts, and this can be assumed that the dish is ready.

As you can see, these recipes are very simple, and some of them also mean the addition of vegetables, namely, vegetable cuts, so it is very important that you choose your own that will like and to your liking from many recipes.

Recipes of how to cook julienne at home are easy to cook and do not take much time, so the dish can be prepared not only for the festive table, but also as a daily.

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