Tels Global: what is it, the essence, advantages and functions

Tels Global is the world’s largest provider of logistics services. Customers from different countries turn to Tels Global to get high-quality delivery services by any means of transport.

TELS GLOBAL is an international logistics provider offering comprehensive services in transportation and logistics industry by all modes of transport, including warehousing, insurance, financial and other related services.

Core values of the company

Tels Global carries out a very important mission, which is to promote the development of world trade. Tels Global improves customers’ business by applying improved cargo transportation schemes along any routes.

Over its long history, the company has developed a number of values that it relies on when working with clients:

Maximum customer orientation. The company takes cooperation issues very seriously, studies the market in which the customer works and the specifics of his business. Tels Global employees do their best to meet the customer’s wishes in the best possible way. The logistics operator is focused on long-term cooperation, so it is extremely attentive to feedback.

In each specific case, a clear final goal is outlined, the achievement of which will be the result of the work. Despite the difficulties that arise, Tels Global always achieves its goal.

The company practices teamwork. At Tels Global, each employee is part of a cohesive team and acts in the common interest.

Flexibility is one of the main qualities of Tels Global. The company adapts very quickly to changing conditions, introduces new more efficient methods of work, abandoning outdated ones.

The Company is fully responsible for the obligations assumed. All assigned tasks are carried out in a timely manner in full.


The popularity of Tels Global is explained by its numerous advantages:

  1. Extensive experience in the market (more than 20 years).
  2. Impeccable reliability: strict fulfillment of all obligations assumed, strict compliance with the delivery dates specified in the contract.
  3. High quality of service. Each client has a personal manager who can be contacted around the clock.
  4. The company provides a full range of logistics services. Accordingly, any needs of the customer will be satisfied.
  5. Specialists find an individual approach to each client, select the optimal solution in a non-standard situation.

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