Development of small business on the Internet in Alabama

Alabama business owners can get a boost to start their business by partnering with the Alabama Small Business Protection Authority, which can help aspiring entrepreneurs with small business planning.

Along with this resource, Alabama small business owners should consider the state’s business requirements in the state. The Alabama Department of Revenue and the Secretary of State’s office can assist small business owners in the business licensing process.
Register your small business at the Alabama Secretary of State’s office. Fill out an application for a certificate of existence to register your business in the state. Submit this form online or mail it to the Secretary of State’s office.

Alabama Secretary of State, 100 N. Union St., Suite 770 Montgomery, AL 36130 334-242-5324

Register a trademark or service mark of your small business. Although the state of Alabama does not require you to register your company name in the state, you can register your trademark or service mark. Fill out an application for registration of a trademark, service mark or brand name and send it to the office of the Secretary of State of Alabama.

Register your small business with the Alabama Department of Revenue. Purchase a license for privileges through the probate judge in the district court in the county where your company will operate. Your county’s trial judge will notify you of any additional municipal licenses that your type of business requires. For example, car dealers require additional licenses. The license for benefits is renewed annually on September 30.

Get a federal employment identification number through the Internal Revenue Service. The Alabama Department of Revenue requires that all small businesses receive this number to file taxes in the state. Fill out the SS-4 form and send it to the IRS to get the EIN of your business.

Create an account in the online income tax registration system of the Alabama Department of Revenue. Provide the basic contact information of your small business, as well as the EIN that you received from the IRS to register for taxes in Alabama. Government taxes that your business may have to pay include sales tax, housing tax, consumer tax and excise tax on utilities.

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