The choice of a LCD TV. What does HD Ready mean

When a decision was made to buy a new, modern liquid crystalline TV, you need to throw off all the embarrassment and thoroughly study the marking of the selected model. Otherwise, the purchase may, to some extent, do not justify the hopes of the buyer and deprive him of the pleasure of using one or another useful option.

It is worth starting with the fact that the glued HD-Ready label, suggests that the TV manufacturer impeccably fulfilled all the requirements in the field of quality and the purchased device, without problems, will reproduce HD video in high resolution. HD-Ready TV screens strictly have matrices with resolution: 720p, 1080i, 1080r. This allows you to play HDTV signal.

The European Association (Eicta) has developed a number of requirements that are presented to TVs with HD-Ready sticker. And failure to fulfill at least one requirement, entails the deprivation of this sign. It is worth noting that the HD-Ready sticker is completely unrelated to the marketing program. This logo selects devices that can play a signal in high quality.

As for the resolution, 720r implies a screen of 1280×720 with an update frequency of 50-60 Herz. The presence of the letter “P” speaks of a progressive scan, thanks to which the image of the best quality is provided. And 1080i, has a 1920×1080 screen with a similar frequency, like 720p. The letter “i” denotes a slightly scan. TVs with a resolution of 1080r should not be described, since there are very few of them.

Analog video interface of YPBPR is designed to provide good compatibility with different video equipment. For transmission of video in digital format, without compression, DVI or HDMI digital interfaces are used. They are almost identical.

But not everything is so perfect for HD-Rady TVs. A small drawback is that it has completely absent a tuner. However, this defect is leveled by the fact that most modern, reproducing devices have a tuner.

You should not confuse HD-Ready devices, including in Samsung’s branded stores, C HD-Compatible, the latter is much cheaper, but it has the opportunity to reproduce HD content in poor quality, since the low screen resolution does not allow this to do this in good quality. HD-Ready, is an emblem of a full-fledged TV that does not have a built-in tuner.

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