With what to wear a long blouse

Any girl wants to look always beautiful and fashionable. But sometimes, having acquired some popular thing for themselves, fashionistas do not know what it can be worn with.

To date, long blouses are considered very popular in women’s wardrobe. Moreover, such blouses are several silhouettes, so they will be able to please the preferences of almost all fashionistas.

For those beauties who would like to visually narrow the waist, a blouse in the form of a fitted blouse is suitable. Long straight cut blouses are considered no less popular, because they can be used both in a daily environment and for a business occasion.

Those young ladies who want to hide some shortcomings of their figure in the abdomen and buttocks are very suitable for a long A-Siluet blouse.

There are such women’s clothing as a blouse with a sewn belt, which is located on the waist or in the hips.

Long blouses not only have a variety of styles, but also differ in length. Some blouses cover only half of the thigh, other specimens are similar to tunics. As for the length of the sleeves, the most popular sleeves of three quarters or reaching the wrist are considered to be the most popular.

Long blouses are also distinguished by the material from which they are sewn, the cut of the collar, buttons, the presence or absence of additional jewelry.

What should be combined with a long blouse?

If the blouse is made in a classic style and painted white or black, then it can be safely compiled with a business trouser suit or a skirt to the knee. Do not wear long blouses with wide trousers. Such an image will look excessively voluminous.

In everyday life, long blouses can be easily arranged with tight -fitting trousers, as well as leggings. You can supplement this image with a vest, cardigan, jacket or blazer. You can also place a belt at the level of the hips.

Blues made of cotton will look great with narrow jeans. In this case, the blouse can be worn unbuttoned or tied to a knot, and put on the top under the bottom.

A long blouse will look harmonious with mini-dresses. Such an outfit can be supplemented with an original necklace, clutch, shoes or boots with a wide boot – and your image will be unusually beautiful.

And in summer, long blouses recommend wearing a beach tunic, complementing the image with shorts or a short skirt.

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