Kefir – a useful assistant to our body.

First of all, kefir is famous for its ability to regulate the full -fledged process of digesting food. Its regular use perfectly contributes to the removal of toxins and toxins from our stomach.

Kefir is also a wonderful assistant in the fight against extra pounds. He copes with the breakdown of unpleasant fats, improving metabolic processes and is an excellent immunostimulant.

In the summer, you can cook homemade yogurt, mixing at your request any berries with kefir. This wonderful combination of taste and benefit is ideal for your body.

And this beautiful sour -milk product will help your skin more fresh and radiant. Please note that kefir is nevertheless more useful for skin care and a delicate neck of the oily type than for dry.

So, beat 1 spoon of honey with egg yolk, add 1 teaspoon (can with a tip) spoon of oatmeal and 3-4 spoons of kefir. We apply the resulting mask on the face and hold for 10-12 (clearly observe the time frame) minutes.

To achieve a whitening result, you can mix kefir with parsley, for a tonic effect – with a gruel of fresh green cucumber.

If you have dry skin, then just add a few drops of natural vegetable or real olive oil to the mask.

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