Healthy complexion

Only looking at the leaves of the trees that are near the highways or factories, we can imagine what is contained in the air of the city.

Plants are covered with a layer of dust and have a stunted look. All these harmful substances also fall on the skin, forming an unhealthy shade.

But even in dusty megacities, you can save a healthy complexion.

Compared to the Zaporod, in the city air there are less oxygen and more dust with the content of toxic impurities and heavy metals. Together with ultraviolet rays, harmful substances destroy the film on the surface of the skin. As a result, the process of dehydration occurs, the skin fades, wrinkles appear.

Dehydration processes are aggravated by heating devices, since when heating, air humidity becomes lower than the skin is necessary for a normal moisturized state. It is advisable that the room has devices that can clean and moisturize the air.

To maintain a healthy color of the face, residents of megacities need to provide moisturizing and nutrition not only to the skin, but to the whole body, as well as use drugs in time, which can be found in more detail on /Shop /CID_38.HTML.

Every day you need to drink clean water (at least 1.5 liters). The diet should contain vitamins (A, H, E, C), proteins (animals and plant), trace elements (potassium, calcium, silicon, zinc, etc.D.).

It is necessary to try to eat foods without heat treatment (fresh vegetables and fruits), excluding canned foods, semi -finished products and products containing preservatives. It is better not to use coffee, but instead of black tea drink green or herbal.

The skin is necessary daily purification (creams, lotions, chamomile decoctions, cosmetic ice from non -carbonated mineral water) to provide good microcirculation. It is also worth using cleansing creams and scrubs (scrubs) once a week, which will remove the keratinized upper layer of the skin, opening the pores.

Nourishing and moisturizing creams should be applied an hour before bedtime and an hour before entering the street. Having selected the components based on the type of skin, at least 2 times a week, it is necessary to make nutritious masks.

In conditions of the city, to maintain a healthy complexion for a long time, careful attitude to the skin, moisturizing and nutrition will help for a long time.

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