How to make you fall in love with yourself again?

Love is a wonderful feeling, but over time, even true love can cool down. After a long relationship, the couple begin to perceive each other not as an object of tenderness, but as something proper and familiar. How to revive relations and make you fall in love with yourself again?

Think about why the relationship faded, most likely they dragged out banal household relations, life has become boring and gray. Remember the time when you fell in love with each other, remember how you looked, where you went and compare yourself with that woman. If the changes are not for the better, you need to change.

A man loves his eyes and in his eyes you should again become your favorite and desired. Pay attention to your appearance: start making makeup, manicure, buy a set of erotic linen on, high -heeled shoes and a couple of fashionable dresses, change your hairstyle. A great way to make your husband recall the former – aroma. Buy the perfume that you had in youth, and he will remember this smell and everything that was connected with him.

In addition to external changes, change internally: start playing sports, sign up for foreign language courses or culinary courses, create comfort in the apartment, and take care of breeding flowers. Men like women enthusiastic, and not sitting all evenings in front of the TV.

Of great importance in marital relations is sex. Here the flight for your imagination is limitless: erotic linen, role -playing games, romantic evenings, smoothly flowing into romantic nights, joint acceptance of a bath. You should be for a man not only a mistress and wife, but also a good friend, so listen to him, be interested in his work and problems, tell me what best to do.

Give your spouse surprises, for example, on a small postcard write a declaration of love and put a card in the pocket of his jacket, he will be pleased to read her at work. Pamper your man with delicious dishes not only on holidays, but also everyday. Do not forget when preparing dishes about natural aphrodisiacs – honey, nuts, seafood, strawberries. Do not spend joint evenings in front of a TV or computer, walk more often, go to the movies and concerts, arrange romantic dinners in a restaurant. Will help to refresh the relationship joint vacation. Go to the sea or to the mountains.

Do not wait until the man begins to show the initiative, take the first step yourself and the result will not be long in coming.

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