Rest on the island of Bali (Indonesia)

Rest on the island of Bali captures tourists with its variety of tropical greenery, waterfalls, azure sea and a lot of flowers everywhere, many flowers. Balinese created hotels that amaze with their beauty, SPA are centers that did not change the beauty in the original form of the island. Tourists are amazed by boutiques that are built in the form of simple huts.

The most expensive resort of the island is Nusa – Dua, where celebrities and Hollywood stars are resting. In Kut, for example, for not rich people there are a large number of three- and four-star hotels. Family couples love to relax in the bathroom, because there is quiet and calm there.

Exotic wedding ceremonies are popular with tourists. Everyone can marry and not only newlyweds, but also people who have been married for many years. You can experience the rituals of Balines from home temples, ending with elephant skating. The Bali wedding is amazing with its special makeup, festive clothes, a variety of garlands from flowers and national dances, all this is specially arranged for the newlyweds.

Tourists admire the national dancing of the Balinese. They are arranged daily at night in all tourist centers. You will see the dance of the chronung, where it is performed by little girls. Their hair is decorated with flowers. They will remind you angels. You will also see the dance of monkeys Kechak. From this dance you will learn the story of how monkeys smart animals to Prince Rama helped to free his wife, who was captured by the evil demon Ravan.

Bali sights are temples. There are several thousand on the island. The most famous temple is located on Mount Agung. It can be called not a temple, but a complex, because it includes three more large temples. They are called Shishna, Vishna, Brahma. These three temples still include twenty small.

On a rocky ridge is Tanya Lot – the temple striking with its architecture. During a tide, you can see how it turns into an island.

On Lake Bratan you can admire the unique temple of Ulun Danu.

The cost of a weekly tour on Bali on average is for one person $ 2,5000. Aircraft flight, rental of a minibus for a transfer, hotel accommodation and medical insurance is usually included in the cost of the voucher.

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