How to repair the loggia

The loggia by our compatriots is usually used either to hang out linen, or to store potatoes and skis. Meanwhile, the loggia can be turned into an additional living room. Of course, no one talks about making a room on the loggia, but there it is quite possible to equip a study or put a sports simulator. Also, the loggia can become a great place of relaxation, it is enough to only place a cozy chair and a book shelf on it.

In order to repair the loggia yourself, you need: screws and dowels, rails or a beam, laminate (can be replaced with plastic panels), floor tiles, nails, floor heating system, reverse drill, heating, hammer.

Any repair work on loggias makes sense only when it is glazed, so first glazed the loggia – today various specialists provide such services, the deadline for installing windows is one to two days. When choosing a type of glazing, be sure to think about how you will wash the window system and how much you need opening windows.

After that, you can start insulation of the loggia. In order for the loggia to be warm, use modern material, for example, polystyrene foam – with it you can warm the loggia so that you can do without heating elements even in winter. Instead of polystyrene foam, you can use mineral wool or fiberglass. Evenly coordinate all surfaces with the insulation, build a crate over the insulation on the insulation.

You can also use film heat and moisture insulation, this will protect your loggia from the harmful effects of moisture. Then the storage of skis on the loggia will already be justified, and they do not deteriorate from moisture.  You can put a laminate over the crate – do not be surprised, they put it on the walls with the ceiling. Lodge, inhabited by a laminate, looks very comfortable. The laminate is attached to small nails or with the help of a construction stapler.

The heating system is mounted on the floor, under which a foil gasket is placed – this is necessary so that the heat rises up and does not go into the ceiling. Any floor can be laid on top of the heating system, including glue tiles – it retains heat well, which will be very valuable on the loggia.

When engaged in the arrangement of the loggia, do not forget to conduct electricity there, so you can arrange lighting there and conduct a socket.

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