How to treat arthrosis with folk remedies

All experts agree that only medication is impossible to cure arthrosis. Of course, do not neglect medicines and use only traditional medicine. It is better to always consult a doctor first in cases of such diseases. Well, the means of traditional medicine will become assistants in improving and consolidating the result.

The best way to treat arthrosis at home is the compress. It can be made with your own hand using cabbage juice, aloe and honey. Also useful will be compresses from oatmeal or chalk in a mixture with sour cream.

You also need to take care of shoes. It is necessary to select convenient models, better specialized. For kids, special children’s orthopedic shoes are produced, distributing the load. You can buy which you can buy in the store – Medzakaz, there are fairly low prices and fast delivery. For patients of all ages suffering from overweight, it is important to take care of its decrease.

Do not forget about warming baths in the disease of the feet. They can be made from various medicinal herbs, which any pharmacist will help to choose. With arthrosis of the knee and elbow joint, alcohol tincture can be used. It is also made on the basis of herbs. Such alcohol tincture can be cut through sore spots daily.

Arthrosis is a difficult disease in treatment, which causes many inconvenience. But with the right approach and timely treatment, it can be overcome. The main thing is not to be lazy and not to miss the medication. It is important to remember that it is necessary to use not only the means of traditional medicine, but also not neglect the use of the necessary medications.

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