How to make lip makeup

After you have decided on the choice of lipstick, you must choose the technique of applying makeup, which will depend on the shape of the lips.

We begin to create makeup from light peeling lips, this will remove all the bumps, roughness from them, making them smooth and suitable for applying cosmetics.

Legal cleaning can be made with special scrubs. To make your lips even more noticeable, go through the contours. This method will also give your lips a more saturated color.

Moisturization of the lips. Using a lip scrub, you probably have a means that must be used after it, as they should be included. If it is not there, find it on sale any balm. Wax -shaped and light moisturizing. After that, get your lips to remove this tool from the surface. The balm should be absorbed to the end, and it should not be on the lips before the further creation of makeup.

We apply the basis. With a thin and uniform layer, apply a tonal base on the lips. We touch the napkins with lips to get rid of excess cosmetics. So we align the color with the texture of the lips, which will allow you to lie more evenly lipstick, as a result of which it will stay longer. Remember that the lipstick, applied after the tonal base, will fall on the lips correctly and will have its own real color. After all, you probably noticed that the lipstick seems to correspond to your skin, but it looks completely different from your lips as you expected.

Next, we use a pencil, forming them the shape of the lips. To make the makeup more stable, draw not only the contours, but slightly and the rest of the lips.

Following the pencil, apply the first layer of lipstick. It is better to do this specially designed for makeup with a brush, so that the makeup of the lips will become more even and neat. We apply lipstick, starting from the center, evenly moving to the corners of the lips.

After the first layer of lipstick was applied, so that it lasts as much as possible, we will present a napkin to the lips and kiss it. Between the layers of lipstick, powder your lips in order for subsequent application to lay down as smoothly as possible.

You can apply both the second layer of lipstick and shine, it depends on the makeup that you want to create. You should not overdo it with brilliance – it will be enough from 1 to 3 strokes with a brush on two lips. Then spread this amount then with your lips, rubbing them about each other. So you have created lip makeup!

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