Psoriasis – echinacea to help.

Psoriasis is called a chronic non -infectious disease that affects the skin.

There are many ways to treat psoriasis, all of them are effective to varying degrees, but the method using the plant – echinacea has become the greatest recognition.

Echinacea is purple – this is a tall and very graceful plant, belongs to the family of complex -colored, occurs in a wild form only in North America, in particular in the United States. The spectrum of its properties is unusually wide, can be used in the treatment of a number of various diseases, including psoriasis. Among the many trace elements contained in Echinacea are calcium, iron, silicon, selenium and a number of others.

Such a rich spectrum and allows the use of echinacea very wide.

The use of echinacea.

Tincture of useful purple echinacea

Echinoca leaves are used, fresh or dry. In 0.5 liters of hot boiling water will add. About 30 grams of fresh (or twenty grams of dry) leaves of echinoceum, then boil and the course of 10 minutes. Insist the finished tincture of at least 5 hours. This time is necessary for the output of beneficial trace elements from the plant.


3 times a day for 100-150 grams.

Tincture for alcohol

This method of use is recommended for psoriasis. Attention! Tincture must be taken inside, and not apply to inflamed areas of the skin.

Cooking method

Both dry and fresh echinacea leaves are used. The leaves are filled with alcohol in the calculation: 1 part of the leaves for tenfold alcohol. Instead of alcohol, you can use strong alcohol, for example, vodka. It is necessary to insist at least 10 days.


Twenty – thirty drops a day three times (just before meals).

Echinacea salad

It is also possible to use echinacea in the form of salad. It is useful not only with psoriasis, but also with general vitamin deficiency, any violations of the composition of the blood and in general to increase the general tone.

Cooking method

20-30 g of fresh echinoceum leaves for 200-300 g of other ingredients.

The main requirement to prepare a salad of purple echinoceum is the use of vegetable oil, the rest of the greens and vegetables (such as dill, parsley and others) can be added to taste.


Use no more than 3 times a day before meals.

All the described methods are effective and they can be combined with each other, the only requirement is that do not forget about the dosage.

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