What to do if there is no child for a long time?

Every normal family wants to have children. There comes a time when spouses are willing and mentally prepared to become parents. But it happens that even in completely healthy parents to realize their dreams into reality, that is, the birth of a long -awaited child, it turns out not always. If such a problem occurs, then at the first moment it is necessary to be examined by a doctor. If it turns out that both spouses are healthy, but nothing works out, then you don’t need to be upset, there is always a way out. There are some recommendations that can help in approaching your dream, the desired pregnancy. Here are some of them: Put aside all bad habits. This should be done by both spouses. It is also advisable to consume strong tea and coffee in a smaller volume. Pay attention to nutrition. Women who want to become mothers are advised to add dairy and meat products to the diet. Naturally, fathers also need to watch their diet. Men do not hurt to include in the diet of fish, nuts, meat products. Some will seem strange to the fact that the clothing in which the man was dressed before having sex may affect the process of successful conception (special research was conducted!). The lifespan of spermatozoa is significantly affected by the temperature of the environment in which they live. To maintain this temperature in the testicles, it is necessary that they are not squeezed. The first month of spring or the end of autumn is considered a more suitable time for conception. Time of day of conception and time of year also affect conception. For the conception of a child, according to statistics, morning sex is more effective. Although not all women like to have sex in the morning. Men usually never give up on this. It remains only to buy a pregnancy test and wait for the result. We hope the tips in this article will help you conceive a healthy long-awaited child.

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