Choice of environmentally friendly products

The environmental situation on the planet leaves much to be desired. Of course, there were still places with clean air, water and earth on Earth, but not everyone can, and they want to live far from their homeland, friends, among strangers, laws and orders only because somewhere it is easier to breathe. However, completely does not give a damn about health (your own and loved ones) also cannot. Thanks to modern technologies and the development of physicists (such as the dosimeter of radiation, which everyone can buy today), people have the opportunity to control the quality of any goods, starting building materials and ending with clothing and food products. In order for ecologically clean products in the store and in the market without problems, it makes sense to buy nitratomer. It is not difficult to guess from the name, this device is necessary in order to determine which products contain nitrates and which are grown without the use of harmful chemicals. The nitratomer has compact sizes (like a television remote control), therefore, going for shopping, you can always take it with you. Taking this device is quite simple: you just need to stick a special probe into the product and wait for the result that will appear on the liquid crystal screen. If the numbers exceed the MPC (maximum permissible concentration) of nitrates, then you should not take the product. It is clear that no seller will allow you to pierce his goods even with a thin needle, in which case it is worth purchasing a small portion, so to speak, for testing. What natural products look like and what are they stored in natural products ugly, often have far from perfect, clumsy shape. In addition, environmentally friendly vegetables and fruits are never stored in plastic packaging. Products grown without the use of nitrates, as a rule, are stored and transported in glass and metal containers, as well as in wooden and cardboard boxes.

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