How to make a choice for a family

Most families, especially having children, are faced with a choice: who to get at home – a dog or a cat? To make the right choice, you need to take into account some points: first of all, the opinion of households, the psychological way of the family, financial capabilities. Before the final decision, it is necessary to consider all the pros and cons of future pets. The dog is not in vain called a person’s friend – it is very devoted to the owners, protects the house and becomes protecting family members from attackers, is considered a very smart and well -understanding animal. She may be a guide for sick people. Communication of children with a dog brings up in them such qualities as kindness, responsibility, love for everyone around. In addition, walks with dogs positively affect the health of households (fresh air, physical activity). But there are nuances speaking and against the dog. The dog needs to be paid a lot of attention – walk at least two times a day in any weather, constantly bathe, cut. If she is sick, buy not the cheapest medicines (my friend often ordered veterinary drugs in Omsk on the Internet, sometimes even prescribed from abroad). If the dog is large, then this is not for the better affects the family budget due to the fact that it eats no less than a person. Also, the dog must be trained so that it does not feel its supremacy over the owner, which manifests itself in the form of scattered and warmed personal things, menacingly grinning teeth not only on guests, but also on all households. There is also a problem during vacation. It will not always be possible to attach a dog to one of the acquaintances. Cat cat is a gentle, affectionate, funny creature. Unlike the dog, it is more independent: it does not need to be taken out for a walk. In the case of vacation, it is always easy to attach it, does not eat much, unlike the dog. The cat acts on people soothingly, raises the mood. There is an opinion that it has a beneficial effect on a person’s well -being. But there is a generally accepted fact that the cat is more attached to the house than to a person. Folk wisdom says that the cat walks on its own. This suggests that she needs a person to fulfill her desires: food, shelter, affection. But, nevertheless, she caresses to a person, but there is no need to wait for devotion from her, as from a dog.

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