Fat in folk medicine.

Many people are sure that Salo is a very harmful product that is full of cholesterol and adds excess weight, but this is fundamentally not the right point of view. The fat contains fatty polyunsaturated acids, which are contained in a small number of products and are indispensable, since their production is not subject to the body. Basically, these acids are needed for the normal functioning of hormones and all processes with them related. In addition, fat contains arachidonic acid that can regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood. So the product itself, like fat, partially burns itself.

But besides these features and utilities, fat is used since ancient times as a cure for various ailments and diseases. Of course, if you have problems with your teeth and you have a distal bite, then to eliminate it, you must seek qualified help. But simpler ailments can be completely cured with fat.

Please note that various home creams, masks and mixtures are made on its basis. There are a number of folk recipes for the treatment of diseases:

With ulcers and gastritis of the stomach and duodenum, as well as with stagnation of bile, it is necessary to eat on an empty stomach 25-40 grams of fat, and the result will appear literally in a week. The stomach will cease to hurt, the ulcers will close and the outflow of bile will improve.

Lard are used when breeding warts and papillomas. You need to stop fat and add crushed garlic. Kashitsa must be applied and wound to the wart. You need to change such a bandage once a day, allowing the skin to breathe for about an hour. After a certain time, the wart or papilloma will disappear or fall off.

Also, fat also helps with joint pain, varicose. It is necessary not to be quite fresh, not salty to apply to the sore spot and not tightly wrap it overnight (like wrapping), and in the case of varicose veins, it is necessary to apply thin strips on the swollen veins and wind up. The pain will go away over time, and the condition will improve. Remember the need to comply with all proportions.

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