Your child and pets

All children love animals very much. Passing by each kitten or puppy on the street the baby rushes to stroke him, and periodically offers to pick up home. Most often this is due to the fact that such a child does not have pets at home. Or he loves them so much that one or two pets seem to him little and he wants to warm a whole zoo at home. When a child has a good heart, this is wonderful. But it often happens that after a week of entertainment, the child pays attention to his pet less and soon and soon all responsibility for him lies on the shoulders of his parents. If you have not yet acquired pets, but really want, then you should carefully think about all for and against. After all, it will be very disappointing if, due to the temporary impulse of the child’s emotions, the animal then suffers from the lack of attention. First of all, it is necessary to understand and explain to the child that the pet is not a toy, that you can’t throw it away, if he is bored, that he needs to be fed not a ponaroshka and nothing to hit, and if it is a dog, then it is necessary to teach and walk at least 2 once a day. Tell the child that the animals need to be careful, and that if this is not done, then his pet can get sick. Visit, for example, a pet store, look at the pet, read the child of the article how to care for pets. Only when you are sure of the firmness of the child’s intentions to take care of the animal, you can go to a pet store or a nursery. The best period to get a dog is when the child goes to school. Firstly, he will be more fun to get up, t. to. wake up for the sake of school or for your beloved puppy – these are two big differences. Secondly, this is the best period in order to teach a child responsibility. Many people think that the earlier the better, but this is not so. A child under 6-7 years old considers himself the center of the universe, and it is difficult for parents to distinguish his vagaries from serious intentions. Thirdly, this animal gives a large charge of positive emotions, which will be very useful in the educational process of the child, when he begins to face the difficulties of school life. The situation with cats is a little more serious. Cats are wayward and allow themselves more than other animals. Even when the kitten playing scratches, it is very dangerous for the health of the child. Therefore, little children should limit communication with cats until you understand that the child will be careful with this animal.

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