Summer wardrobe of the future mother

So that the expectant mother not only looks elegant, despite the changed dimensions, but also felt like a comfortable hot summer day, you need to choose a wardrobe corresponding to her status. Agree, pregnant women do not look very modest in tight shorts and topics, which are the world of navels on a rounded stomach. There are much more reasonable and aesthetic options. So, first of all, you can advise a free light dress. It can be white with draped trapezoidal inserts that will provide a normal fit in the figure. The outfit can be supplemented with a light hat. The individuality of a woman is able to emphasize the choice of color scheme. It will look long – to the floor – a dress in the style of a fashionable trend ombre. In general, this term is more often used in hairdressing, indicating a smooth color transition when coloring hair. But now it is used much wider, including tissue coloring. And the fabric for this outfit should be light, best, of course, natural. You can stop on an elongated dress that smoothly tightens the figure. It should also be sewn from a very soft and very light fabric, which, despite the increased dimensions, will psychologically feel like if not quite weightless, then quite elegant. Always universal dress in thin strip. It is suitable for any situation. In it you can easily go to a concert or to the theater, in a cafe with a girlfriend or just for a walk. And if you choose a fabric in a sea strip, you can sew a simple and comfortable dress, which can be worn with ties on the neck and in the style of “bando”, t.e. With open shoulders. In addition, this style involves the supporting shape of the bodice, which will be by no means superfluous despite the fact that the chest will increase with every week of pregnancy. By the way, no less advantageous in an interesting position will look like a light dress in bright peas, such as on the site /. A dress using the so-called color blocking, t will look cracked and cheerful, t.e. color combination, especially if color blocks are compiled competently. For example, you can combine blue or turquoise colors with dark gray. It, coupled with a short jacket, will serve one of the blocks perfectly and like office clothing.

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