How musical toys affect the development of the child

Little children really like music, they listen to it with pleasure. This type of creativity develops hearing, memory, and imagination in children. Children get the very first idea of ​​​​musical creativity with the help of children’s sounding toys. What kind of toys exist and at what age are they used so that this activity is very useful?

Various musical toys are used as children’s development.

It is recommended to develop hearing data in children from infancy. The baby, who is about a month, can put a bracelet with a toy – a bell on the handle. The kid will see that music sounds with every movement of his hands.

At 3 – 4 months you can use a toy that makes a sound – it can be a pipe. She helps to distinguish sounds very well.

At the age of 5 – 6 months, you can use a toy that has a singing function when pressing the button. And if she also dances, then the child with her will be even more interesting.

Interactive are toys that can repeat the singing and conversation of a person. You can sing any interesting song and the child will repeat you after you. Do not forget to buy ordinary toys, for example, you can buy a monster high inexpensively.

There are toys that pronounce the sounds of animals, sing melodies when clicking on the button. You need to teach the baby to use the toy, and he will definitely use it for his development.

By 1 year, a child can use a metallophone with different colors, which develops a color representation.

Using percussion instruments is also important for hearing development. The child will learn to knock on the drum and hum songs.

Having got acquainted with the wind instruments, the child will understand that sound is formed when using air.

It is recommended to use records with children’s music and music of great composers for children, especially Mozart.

But the most important development is the voice of the mother. You need to sing a child song, dance with him, use various games. The child will be happy to repeat you.

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