Natural stone stairs for a country house

If the theater begins with a hanger, then a spacious country house begins with the stairs. She will be a great decoration for any home. At the same time, stairs made of marble and other types of natural stone look particularly elegant, presentable.

Such stairs are very durable. They have been serving for many years. However, they can be just incredibly beautiful. Natural stone breeds are now many. Accordingly, the color diversity is great. You can realize almost any ideas. You can create a staircase that will fit into the interior of any country house.

The most commonly today they choose granite stairs, as well as marble. They look really luxurious. If you care for the stairs correctly, then the material will maintain the perfect appearance for years and delight the eye.

Of course, it is important to choose a staircase from natural stone. One of the most important roles will play the type of surface processing. For example, polished stone looks great in interiors made in light, pastel colors.

Stairs with uneven relief are very good for those who have children or elderly people in the family. They have anti -slip properties, and therefore it is very difficult to slip on them. Thus, using them is convenient.

If the surface is polished, then this will advantagely emphasize the color of the stone and its texture. The staircase will look spectacular. True, the steps will be slippery enough, and therefore you should take care of creating comfortable railings.

There are some traditions. So, internal stairs are most often made of marble. This stone looks noble. It fits into any interior. In the manufacture of external stairs, granite is most often used. This is a durable and durable stone. He is not afraid of frosts. He does not rot and does not burn. Granite stairs look strictly, and therefore the house turns out to be respectable.

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