Kefir face mask

Kefir – a healthy and nutrient dairy product. It has a healing effect on the digestive system and the whole organism as a whole. That is why a kefir face mask has gained such popularity.

How useful the procedures from kefir for the skin of the face are?

With the help of lactobacilli in kefir, the mask helps to adjust and restore the cellular balance of the skin of the face. Lactobacteria perfectly cleanse the skin of dirt and dust, carefully protecting and taking care of its elasticity and freshness during the day.

Another important property of a kefir mask is a whitening effect that prevents the formation of facial skin pigmentation.

The kefir mask contains amino acids that feed and moisturize the skin.

Kefir mask with honey

The benefits of such a mask are appreciated by both cosmetologists and housewives.

For cooking it is well suited: honey, berries, egg white, herbs.

You need to mix two tablespoons of kefir, a tablespoon of honey with egg protein. It is better to take a little wandering kefir, it is more useful for oily skin. Stir until a homogeneous state and keep it so for about 15 minutes. The mask is removed with cool water. She will remove a bold shine and will have its protective function.

Kefir mask with olive oil

This mask nourishes and protects sensitive face skin.

Mix yolk and 2 t. l. ordinary kefir and 1 h. l. Olive oil. Mix and leave on your face for 15 minutes. Then treat the skin with clean water.

Face mask

We take 3 tbsp.l. green tea, grinded into powder, kefir 2 t.l., 2 h.l. starch and half a teaspoon of olive oil. Mix the entire composition and apply to cleansed skin. After 15 minutes wash off water.

Kefir face mask has a positive effect on the skin, but it should not be particularly carried away by it. She has an addiction effect, so take a course of such masks no more than 2-3 per week.

Take care of the beauty of your skin, and the effect of the procedures will not make yourself wait long!

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