Using essential oils to strengthen nails

The use of essential oils in cosmetology and medicine is known for its positive effect. The problem lies in the choice of oils for a particular situation.

What oils to use to strengthen nails?

Lemon oil has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect, giving nails a healthy shine while healing cuticles. It reduces the damage caused by colored varnishes, removing yellowness. Close in effect is bergamot oil, which prevents inflammation of cuts or torn burrs.

Grapefruit and orange oils contribute to gleaming to the nails, and the elixir Ilang-Ylange strengthens the nails, making them thicker. This oil is also used for polishing nails. You can buy a lot of essential oils at once with wholesale soap so that you have a supply.

Essential oils of geranium and eucalyptus are used to moisturize the skin of the fingers, which add shine to dull nails. Rosemary oil not only strengthens nails, but also promotes their growth. Manicures often use tea tree oil as an antiseptic. Sea buckthorn oil perfectly restores and cures nails. But you need to use it carefully, as it is very easily soiled.

Ways to use essential oil to strengthen nails

First of all, you need to choose an oil for a therapeutic effect on the nails. Care must be taken when mixing oils, as the strong concentration of some of them does not allow combination with others. All essential oils must be diluted with base oils, they are not used in their pure form.

Oil can be combined with hand cream, adding a couple of drops with each use of it. Also use as part of baths with sea salt and warm water. Essential oil can also be added to various nail masks, both homemade and cosmetic.

The frequency of treatments with essential oils depends on the condition of your nails. Oils have not only a healing effect, aromatherapy also has a calming effect on the body as a whole, improving your mood.

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