What to go to the office in the spring

Who said that a business suit is boring? It was not at all, especially in the spring-summer season of this year. The main direction that you must adhere to – femininity and freshness. Down with dark gloomy colors, trend in the trend and brightness. Fashion trends of the season suggest the use of several color schemes for office clothing. Consider some of them.

one. Wanting to emphasize your femininity, give preference to pastel shades that are at the peak of popularity this season. In addition to beige-pink cream variations, delicate shades of blue and turquoise, yellow and orange, pale tones of blue and lilac colors are welcome.

2. If the dress code of your office allows, use bright colors in the wardrobe. Do not be afraid to experiment. Cheerfulness will add green, orange, lemon yellow, lilac, mint color. The main thing here is the balanced ratio of bold color and strict silhouette.

3. Probably, the classic combination of white and black will never go out of fashion. Just as always, in the spring season 2014, a white blouse and a black pencil skirt will be appropriate in the office. This season has brought some bold solutions to this standard composition in the form of various geometric prints, stripes, peas. To look at the fashion colors of this season, you can go to the site “Maximoda” and evaluate fashionable skirts and blouses. Informality will give frills, inserts, lace, asymmetric cut details.

four. The main advantage of fashionable shoes of the spring season is comfort and convenience. Flat sole or small heel, all kinds of slopes, lofors, shoes on a small wedge are perfect for a business suit, and also greatly delight lovers of car driving. There is only one restriction here. As well as when choosing a suit, you should take into account the combination of color and design of the model. The more unusual the style of the shoes, the more modest the coloring should be and vice versa, it is better to choose bright shoes in the classic performance.

5. The requirements for office bags, in essence, have changed little, the main criterion here, as always, is a capacity. It is better to leave miniature clutches for social events. The design of office bags is as laconic before, it is a simple rectangular model with short handles, not burdened with excessive fittings and decor, neutral coloring, harmonizing with the general idea of ​​the costume.

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