DIY Video Creation and Editing

On the Internet, you can find a lot of useful content regarding the knowledge of a particular field of activity.

Many people are interested in the issue of editing a variety of video materials, with the help of which in the future you can create not only short videos, but even films on a particular topic.

There are many video editing and movie making software available nowadays. Among them, one should definitely note such a popular and widespread service called “VideoTemples”. Thanks to constant updates and improvements, it continues to function quickly, reliably and efficiently.

Service features

All video editing and movie making programs, including the built-in functionality of VideoTemples, have common and distinctive features that can help create creative content on the

  1. Change Fonts and Text Styles – Layouts often have features that allow you to change the fonts, sizes, and colors of text.
  2. Editing videos – the presence of ready-made templates allows them to be further cut or glued with other videos.
  3. Adding audio tracks – they can be changed or replaced with other sounds.
  4. Overlay effects – it is supposed to have ready-made effects that can be superimposed on the video to make it more interesting.
  5. Export in high resolution – this is necessary to get a clearer and better quality video.
  6. Automatic creation – meaning based on the selected style and template.
  7. Online availability – templates are often offered as online services and allow the user to edit from any computer or device connected to the internet.

List of tools

Here are some of the video editing and creation tools that are available in VideoTemples:

  1. Timeline – it allows the user to adjust the order, duration and location of video and audio clips, thus creating the final look.
  2. A set of effects – they can be applied to video, including color correction, filter overlay, transition effects.
  3. Graphic Overlay Engine – It allows the user to overlay one video on top of another in order to create visual effects such as text or image overlays.
  4. Sound Pack – Provides a collection of sound effects that can be added to videos, including music and sound tracks.
  5. Slicing tools – with their help, you can cut, delete and move video fragments, creating a new arrangement of elements.
  6. For overlay – these tools provide many settings that allow the user to adjust the relative position of elements, the ability to resize, as well as proportions.
  7. Drawing tools – needed to create drawings, captions and objects on the video, which add the effect of interactivity.

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