Problems when buying over the Internet

Buyer errors

The most common is disappointment in such services as a result of your own error. As a rule, they are caused by the lack of knowledge from the buyer about the specifics of the purchased product or with the inattention of the client during the placement of the order.

In order to avoid such a mistake, it is worth paying much more attention to filling out forms, as well as the choice of size or color of the things ordered.

Problems of the store

This is worth the seller’s dishonesty (first of all), as well as problems with payment through a bank card (for example, in the case when the store does not accept cards of other countries).

Another of the widespread problems is factory marriage.

In order to avoid such problems, it is recommended to use exclusively proven online stores recommended by real people.

Delivery problems

This problem is much more common than the rest. First of all, due to the fact that the “beloved” Russian Post has the largest number of negative reviews among all known delivery services.

The most serious type of such a problem is the careless attitude of the deliveryer. For example, in Russia, parcels often come torn, dented, or even completely broken.

Unfortunately, there is no protection against this category of problems, but it is quite possible to reduce their probability. First of all – it is recommended to track the parcels by the track number. Then – try to agree with the supplier to increase the strength of the packaging. In addition, you should try to insure the parcel for its full cost, which will allow you to return the money in case of problems with delivery.

Problems of work through an intermediary

Often there are situations in which you have to use the services of the so -called “third parties” (for example, sending companies).

With a positive set of circumstances, the purchase with the help of an intermediary, in principle, has no difference from buying in the store directly. For example, flower delivery in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other large cities has been well developed. And the order price does not increase due to the discounts of the flower store itself.

Many companies provide mediation services, and their number is constantly growing. To attract the clientele of intermediary companies, as a rule, they make significant discounts on the cost of services, as well as the choice of additional delivery methods. However, often even among trusted and widely known intermediaries you can find unfair work (loss of parcels, loss of contents, breakdowns, etc.

To solve this problem – when choosing an intermediary, it is recommended, first of all, to pay attention to reviews about the company, you can find them on the website of the intermediary, and only then – to the cost of his services.

The main difficulty is the fact that the mediation is a formal service, therefore, the legal force is not concluded, that is, in case of problems when working with an intermediary, the buyer cannot guaranteed to count on the help of these problems from the intermediary company.

Other problems

When buying, the goods may not be suitable in size or it came to be defective you can send the goods back, but, as a rule, you will have to pay for delivery at your own expense. And the cost of such a shipping is rather big.

Among other things, it is worth paying attention to the fact that a guarantee in the SC of Russia, as a rule, is not a common exception to foreign exceptions to a foreign product.

Let’s summarize

Often, making purchases on the Internet, the buyer finds himself in a deliberately jumper position. However, no matter what, on the network you can still find a store that will take care of your customers.

In order to avoid the difficulties of any kind, it is recommended to pay attention to the reviews (not only about the intermediary company, but also about the product ordered), observe the weight category of the order (it is better to order several small parties than one, but more), as well as track the execution of the order (You can do this as a rule right on the website of the online store, in the user’s personal account).

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