How to get rid of the smell of new shoes

Each pair of new shoes has its own factory smell. But that doesn’t mean the shoes are bad. Do not rush to get upset with a new thing. There are several ways to help get rid of unwanted odor.

one. Determine the cause. It can be leatherette, cheap glue, synthetic overlays artificial fur, etc.D. Then it will be enough to use deodorant.

2. Improte a new pair or use a dryer with an ozonator.

3. If this did not help, then there is an opportunity that the smell has already appeared when using shoes. It is important to follow your own hygiene of the legs, more often change socks. You can also rinse the shoes with soapy solution or wipe with a sponge moistened with vinegar, or preferably ammonia alcohol. If this option is not suitable, then you can take a solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide.

four. Most importantly – you need to get rid of bacteria, which are a source of smell. There are radical methods: fill the shoes with starch, activated carbon or soda at night. Remember that good shoes will not differ in a sharp unpleasant odor, so choose an online children’s shoes store or branded store, at worst – time -tested.

5. Use insoles from natural materials that absorb an unpleasant odor and moisture. But they need to be periodically taken out, rinse and dry, which will help you avoid the propagation of bacteria.

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