How to dress for an interview for a woman

You were invited to an interview? Excellent. But it is too early to rejoice, because now you need to think through all the little things. Clothing remains an important criterion when we are talking about the first impression. Of course, with its help it is impossible to ensure the workplace, but it is impossible to neglect the appearance. Successfully choosing a suit, you will demonstrate that you are able to adequately represent both yourself and the team, part of which you will become. Therefore, pay attention to the following rules.

one. No candid outfits.

Even if you have the sexiest body in the district, remember that you should not show it at an interview. It is preferable for men to fasten all the buttons on the shirt, and to women – put on a skirt of acceptable length and make sure that the straps of the bra do not peek out from under the blouse.

2. Shoes should be closed.

Sandals, sandals must be reserved for another case. Shoes should be closed, discreet and necessarily clean. Beautiful and fashionable, but at the same time, conservative shoes can get hold of a very inexpensive.

3. Do not abuse perfume.

You do not know what smells are pleasant to a person who will conduct an interview, and preferences in this matter can be significantly different. Limit quality deodorant.

four. Be restrained using accessories and jewelry.

Earrings should be discreet. It is not recommended to put on more than one ring on hand, otherwise the overall impression will not be in your favor.

5. No jeans and t -shirts with prints.

You are not going to friendly gatherings. The most expensive jeans will still be inappropriate. This rule applies to t -shirts with a variety of prints and inscriptions. Yes, the atmosphere of interviews has become in many ways not as conservative as before. But even in the case when you definitely know that the company does not require employees of compliance with the dress code, it is better to choose a business style for an interview.

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