How to choose the right earrings

Since ancient times, women have been jewelry. In the ancient centuries, they put on different feathers, painted with bright colors. Then people took possession of the skill of metal forging. The most common metal was silver. This metal jewelry was in great demand. Earrings were considered the most common decoration, in principle, as in today’s times.

But how to choose the right pair of suitable earrings?

Maids are suitable for little fashionistas. This form of earrings does not attract much attention, so at school it will not be distracted from the educational process. They will also become an excellent addition to the balloon dress. It remains only to choose the color of pebbles and is ready.

By the way, such earrings are suitable not only for women, but also to very young fashionistas. For example, you decided to buy a Soviet school uniform of your daughter and, to the end, you can choose such a modest decoration as cloves.

For women with a beautiful neck, earrings-chains are perfect. They have a different look: they can be just chains, but can be with any pendants at the ends. With an elongated oval, experts do not advise wearing this kind of earrings.

Classics include round earrings. Such earrings are suitable for practical for every day.

Massive earrings are perfect for women with cute pleasant features. If you have large facial features, such earrings will not work for you.

If it’s time to get ready for a party, don’t be afraid to take risks. The main rule will be that earrings, like other accessories, should approach both each other and the dress.

Precious earrings

For young fashionistas, metal earrings are suitable without the use of stones.

Middle -aged ladies give preferences to stones. Earrings should be filled with jewelry, thereby emphasizing their status.

Elderly women are very fond of earrings with amber. As a rule, such earrings are most often found in an ensemble with a ring.

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